Making Cookies - Santa Cookie Jar - Mixing Bowl - Gingerbread Boys

This set was to be a little gift for my Mother, who collects Santa Clauses. As she has
around 5000, I've had to switch to a smaller scale. I've decided to redo the set for her
though, and go even a little bit smaller than this - this is 1/12 scale dollhouse size. I
need to practice on the cups, and I think I'll add a couple of snack plates to the scene,
too. The only paint that's used on any of these pieces is the holly decoration on the
cups. The rest of what you see is all polymer clay, with a little chalk coloring on the
cookies and some Powdered Pearls on the cookie sheet.

Santa cookie jar and hot chocolate.

Santa loses his head.

I got a little carried away trying to make these raisins look real. ;) They're made from crumbs of raisin-colored clay smaller than the head of a pin. The cups are mostly filled with cornstarch peanuts, covered with a thin pancake of dark brown clay, cured, then a few drops of tinted TLS floated on top of that. Stirred in some pre-baked mini-marshmallows and cooked again, then three glazes of Flecto.

The bowl was formed on a shooter marble, dented with wire loop sculpting tools, cured, and then glazed with tinted Translucent Liquid Sculpey to resemble a mixing bowl that was in my grandmother's kitchen. After the second curing, I smeared the inside with the gingerbread batter, poked a hole in it for the spoon to rest and baked it, again. The rolling pin was made on a tiny gauge knitting needle, with the handles made separately and glued in after curing.

Here's a shot that a "clayhead" will recognize. :-)

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