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Fimo Soft Metallics
Some Recipes for the Glitter Colors

Click for larger image These colors are so exciting to me... I love all the varieties of translucent clays. There is very little that is opaque in the Fimo Soft metallic (glitter) colors... they mix well with each other, and you can mix in other colors, as well.

The colors appear rather garish right out of the package, but look at the soft and trendy colors you can mix from them. These mix beautifully with pearlized clays and solid colors in swirled beads or the moire' patterned type of beads that you create in a bead roller.

Many of the other Fimo Soft colors are of a translucent quality, so even though they're highly saturated and capable of strongly tinting another clay, they add very little opacity. The range of colors you can get is infinite, so I'm just putting up a few recipes and chips to get you started.

These recipes are listed in equal parts, but with me, that's a relative thing... I don't weigh or measure except by eye.

It's very difficult to sand and buff these colors, because the color comes off of the glitter. The bead rollers come in handy for this reason... there are no fingerprints to sand/buff away... the beads just need a touch of the buffer to bring up a shine. Most of these haven't been buffed yet, and it looks like I got a lil carried away, compressing these pictures to load fast... I'll get some clearer ones up here, eventually. *g*

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