I'm very sorry that I've lost so many of these picture files - perhaps someday I'll be able to get new ones made......

The first thing you notice when you pick up one of Mike's pieces is a feeling of "perfect."

Inspiration comes from the earth

and the things in it.

Mike has moved on to making music instead of polymer pieces. I miss him, but his music is just as cool as his jewelry.

There is a beautiful genuine person behind all this technical expertise. Kind and generous to a fault, he also has a quick wit and an amazing grasp of the absurd.

He shares many of the techniques that he uses in his own work in high-quality instructional videos from Gameplan/ArtRanch:

The All Polymer "Metallic" Clays
Landscape Canes

I'm fortunate and blessed to count this sweet and funny person among my friends. You're a good egg, Mikey!