Irene is a genius with details and finishing... everything she makes has a
wonderful "feel" to it, smooth and solid, very precise.

She's also a genius in her sense of humor, to the point that no one at the dinner table is allowed to say, "Irene said......" we've had too many people choking and gasping for air while they're trying to eat. *g*

While she was here, she showed me how to clean my pasta machine and soup it up.... and how to make my own custom cutters for clay. We'll have lessons up here shortly for those two projects.
We also stayed up late and and laughed a lot. Loose parts a-flyin'.......

She signed up for the bargello swap that I hosted, and in the middle of going crazy with that, she decides to challenge me to a "One Color Metallic Bargello Duel." As you can see, she won. LOL! It wouldn't have mattered what I made, she won! Look at this necklace that she made me! I almost fell down when I saw it. I haven't ever worn much jewelry, but I am happy to wear this piece.
This is a gorgeous hinged pendant that she made. This gets a lot of attention around polymer people, too.

Beautiful little details, and the mica shift effect causes little square patches of light to run all over the piece as you turn it in your hands.

These are some of the boxes she's made... they are not glazed, just sanded for hours and polished to a high shine with her Foredom. I keep telling her that she only gets those kind of results because of the buffer, but of course, that's silly. She brought that buffer with her for me to try and of course I didn't get anything that resembles this. *g*

The boxes make nice sounds when you open and close them, and careful examination brings you little surprises.

I'm glad I got the chance to show you the work of this very talented woman. The phrase "generosity of spirit" fits her to a 't,' and I think the world would be a happier place if everyone had a friend like her.

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