Translucent Liquid Sculpey Projects

I put up a lesson on Polymer Clay Express's Lessons Section for creating this type of faux cloisonne'.

The lid standing in front of the box - this didn't come out as well as I'd have liked, but it's pretty.

The pattern for the top came from a Dover stained glass pattern book. I made the little side panels to match.

This one is better. Click on it to see the detail in the lids.

I love the Genesis paints! I painted the bottoms of the cells, then put clear TLS over the color, in two or three layers. These really did come out looking like glass... hard to tell from a picture on the web.

This was Amanda's favorite. Next time, I'll sand the tops of the cells down to get the black clay showing. The lines still look silver.

I love this funny little pot. I'm going to do more of these, I think. The combination of paints and powders and textures is just more than my little brain can process all at once. *g* The top of the pot has a lot of pearlex and a glossy glaze. The bottom part is mostly cobalt blue and burnt umber, and has a matte glaze, which brings out the color, but doesn't make it shiny.

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